Should I keep this girl as a friend?

I’ve been talking to this girl since August, we never became anything because I didn’t make a move. We’re still talking 7 months later, and last night I found out she has a boyfriend. I confronted about it, so today she told me she was sorry, she liked me two years ago when we were in highschool, she still really liked me in August which is why she messaged me, but things didn’t really go anywhere. She thought we were done liking each other, but she still kept talking to me. Randomly a guy from her old highschool messaged her, and next thing she knew he asked her out again. She admitted she probably should of said no.

Then I told her I liked her back in highschool, was happy when she messaged me in August, but I tried to take things slow since. I apologized for being shy, but I thought she always liked me as more than a friend. I told her that I still do like her, but it really bothers me seeing her with someone else.

She said this guy screwed her over in highschool, so she was confused when he messaged her. Then she said (which confuses me): “I’m sorry. I really am. I liked you a lot, and then I don’t know. I’m just so sorry.” She said that it’s up to me if we stop talking. She would hate it if we did, but she doesn’t want me to hate her or be miserable.

So what do I do? A relationship seems impossible, so my only options are:

1. Continue to talk to her like I’ve been doing, but it can’t be for the goal of dating her, since that will never happen.

2. Stop talking to her completely

I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. I really do enjoy talking to her, but I only talked to her because I liked her, but I’m not allowed to like to her anymore. I also think if I did continue to talk to her, I would keep giving myself false hope that a relationship is still possible.
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