Why does my ex gf hate everything I do?

so she had i unfriended me a long time ago and recently I found out she blocked me for no reason. Months later after not Talking, she finally added me back to social media she complained of pictures of myself and blocked me again?


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  • because she is not over you yet.
    There is a fine line between love and hate. And she hates you for some reason and can't let go.

    Someone is truly and completely over you, when they are indifferent. No emotion what so ever. She is def. not there yet.


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  • She's just being a bitch. She probably blocked you again because she isn't actually as 'over you' as she lets you believe. Do you look really happy in your pictures? She probably doesn't like that either. Women tend to have this mentality that they can't be replaced. So if you're looking happy without her, that's going to be a hit on her ego. She sounds like bad news. I'd not waste my time worrying what she thinks. Anyone who really cares for you, will treat you better than she is!

  • She complained of pictures of yourself? elaborate on that haha

    • Yes like selfies. She thought only girls do that?

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    • i have gotten the same answer. Too bad im attached and its very hard to let go of a person like this. I just gotta find the right one

    • thank you for your time

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