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So me and my ex boyfriend were on and off due to me having personal issues with my family. When I was ready to stop and actually settle it down with him he was already busy liking someone else. I'm my boyfriends " First Love" but he still likes the other girl but says he loves me.He says the reason why he won't give me a chance is due to the on and off. Now he's going after the other girl and asked me if we could be friends. So I said sure trying not to lose him anymore than I did. So now there's a party coming up and I wanna dress Fabulous so I can show him what he missed out and his new girl will be there too. Should I really be stuck on this guy? Is my little plan just a waste of time? Tell me what you guys think please.


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  • I think your plan is devious and filled with revenge. That automatically makes it wrong of you. If you had on and off relationship then he had and has every right to go elswhere. The best thing you can do is be a friend and don't try to come between him and his new gf


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