Dont know what to do now?

I'll keep it short and sweet, there's this guy and for the last 5 months he has said almost every single day that he loves me, at first i just said it back even though i didn't love him but after time i started to say it back and felt like there was actually some meaning behind it on my behalf, anyway yesterday we got into a argument about this girl he has been speaking too and hanging around with and he told the girl she was pretty i got upset about it and basically the conversation ended with me saying "do you love me be honest?" he replied through text to me " :S" so i assumed that means "no" if someone asks you if they love you if you give any answer other than "yes" to me it basically means no.
After he said that i said "Thanks for being honest, bye" he then bombarded me with loads of texts that when in this pattern "Shit!" "No wait" "sorry" "I really do love you"
Why would he do this? What was going through his mind when he was saying this to me for the last 5 months? Honestly do guys do this often? I feel so hurt..


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