My ex is acting very sluty to hurt me but?

My ex is acting very sluty to hurt me or make me jealous, she keeps talking about how nice dicks are on fb and other websites she knows I'm on. I've since blocked her, but since we broke up I've had sex with 3 woman and she hasn't gotten any. Should I tell her or let sleeping dogs lay?
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  • just let her be. she'll get whats coming to her soon enough.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I only voted A because you just need to tell her that you've already moved on and so should she

  • just ignore it she will get bored and stop


What Guys Said 1

  • >"Slutty"
    >Slept with 3 girls
    >Ex with none

    Can I have your logic?

    • I'm sorry for the makes :/ I have dyslexia and it's a bitch... As for logic, none really. She's just trying to hurt me. I don't like that.

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    • So... ignore her? lolol

      You're just giving yourself reasons to pay attention and care. Stop giving yourself reasons to take little peaks and give in to the temptation to get angry at her.

    • Thank you. I know I shouldn't. Just hard to not by myself :)

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