So my ex is going crazy?

So my ex broke up with me like a month or two ago. I've been very sad and have missed her bad. But today a friend told me to get on her Facebook because she posted something about me and it was like a page of her saying how her ex (me) was hacking into everything of hers and that she was getting close to calling the cops. So.... No idea what to do. And before anyone ask, no I did not hack anything of hers. I did make a new profile on a game we both played and played with her a few days after the brake up but that's it. That's the weirdest I did.


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  • If you didn't do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. She's just being vindictive or spiteful for whatever her reasons.

    • I know. But what do I do? Nothing?

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    • Yw :)

    • You da bomb <3

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  • The best thing you can do is ignore her because you know you didn't do anything wrong so don't worry. Who knows she may just be saying this to see if you are looking at her Facebook who knows.


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  • Pay no attention to it. The worst thing you could do is feed into bs like this, she's your ex now, she's irrelevant in your life. Even if she really isn't, act like she is.


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