Guys, ex bf help please?

I want to get back together with my ex bf. Here's his response; Good. But you have to realize my interest in the relationship is like turned off. I feel emotional pain at the thought of calling you my gf again. It's got me focused on being single, like I just want to be alone. I don't feel normal around other girls I'm not there yet either. I feel that emotional pain. It's just sad, I'm best alone right now." I didn't cheat or anything we just use to argue a lot. He said he's not investing emotionally in me but he still has strong feelings for me, I've said and done everything possible. He said he doesn't know and his heart is dried up and I broke it. he also said he didn't know how we could make It work. Should I do no contact? Because me talking to him isn't helping: he also said he forgave me. After our breakup he went around sleeping and hooking up whenever he can. Should I give up hope or let it cool off and have him come if he's ready? Please don't be rude with advice. I really want to do anything I can for this man to trust me wkth his heart again, he acts like I did something horrible all that happened is that we use to argue and he said I broke his trust when I'd get upset. He also told me before he wanted to stay friends and he was open minded to being with me later after I grew. He asked me if I've veen with any one after our split he got really mad at me and pulled my hair cause I wouldn't tell him, why would he get so mad if he's over me and hooking up? Why is it ok for him but not me?


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  • While most here at this site would consider me a bit old fashioned or even traditional , I see it like this ; if he is going to be seeing other women/ girls while you two are split up then you have every right to do the same. And to be brutally honest it isn't any of his buisness if you do. Good gosh !! He actually pulled your hair for not telling him if you had seen some one else? Pssst..
    If it's just the arguments that have become the wedge that drove you apart , then the only thing to do is try and figure out how to stop having all this drama come between you. If disagreements become fights it's almost always because both are control freaks , what I mean by that is neither will let the other be correct , they for some reason have to be right all the time ; and to be honest it would just be pure hell on both. Any meaningful and lasting relationship will only make it is nurtured rather than forced. I can't say one way or another if you two will get back together or not but if it's approached as it was before I can say it wouldn't last.


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