Girls, need Suggestion to come out of rejection?

I proposed a girl recently......She rejected me...after a week i again sent her a message explaining I'm serious about our her, did''t get any reply from her... later we bumped into each other twice..but didn't speak to each other...It's getting really difficult for me to get over her..I'm feeling i lost something precious in my life and it's looking pretty embarrassing situation as I am in a situation where we often face each other.. each time I encounter that feeling kills me..I'm feeling helpless...:'(((.....I donno hw to come over this.. I am ruining my career also...Please help me to come out of this..plzzzzz. I spoke to my friends and i don't know i'm unable to come out of it..feels killing killing myself sometimes....:'(((((


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  • You didn't lose out she did. As someone who has been to through hell and back with assholes you couldn't even imagine all using me to pass the time, any guy willing to propose is great. I know it's hard but you need to find a way to emotionally disconnect yourself from the world for a few days and just cry it out. Take a 3 day weekend in the next city or to the nearby country and just relax and cry it out. Heck role play for a weekend, you don't have to have sex but just go to places and flirt and compliment women.

    Better yet do this. Go put on your best suit, buy flowers (doesn't matter which kind), and give a flower to every woman you see sad. Tell her, I 'be had my heart broken recently but that doesn't mean we can't learn to smile again. Print it on cards if you need to if you're not a great conversationalist. In my experience misery loves company but happiness is contagious. You have no idea how much better you'll feel by spreading joy even though it seems like you can't because you're broken inside. But just trust me, a smile emoji is all it took for me to break out of my funk this weekend.

  • I think it's rude that she didn't seem to give you a reason. Just understand that there will be someone out there that will appreciate you for who you are. Find closure any way you can--perhaps by sending her a message explaining how you feel and, no matter if she responds or not, not responding with another one.

    I'm sorry.


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