I think I can't get over it because this was so out of the blue and not at all like him? But I need help trying to forget?

It's all very very complicated but to put it briefly, I was in a relationship for 3 years (15-18 years old) with my ex boyfriend, and our relationship ended very suddenly, literally one day everything was how it always has been, I had no suspicions about him acting any different, and then the next he is crying his eyes out telling me 'he can't do it anymore' and that that's it. I haven't spoken to him since, but for the last 7 months I have received cyber abuse from him and his friends despite having blocked them all, he always seemed to find a new person who I hadn't blocked to get at me through. I finally rang his mother and told her what had been going on and she rang him and told him to stop otherwise it would be a case for the police, and it's been almost a month and I've not heard anything since. Which is great. However I can help but miss him horrendously. I don't have any closure for why we ended, and I can't understand how he went from 3 years of a lovely relationship to 7 months of pure abuse despite the fact he was the one that ended it with me. Can anyone help me to get over it or give me some advice. It's been 8 months almost since we ended. Which I know isn't an awfully long time but it's been a very painful experience up until now still with all the abuse. Thank you.


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  • I actually spent a few weeks with a therapist talking solely about the topic of closure and how it is difficult to move on without knowing the truth. But at the end we actually realized through discussion that sometimes you think you need closure when you actually already have it right there. I know you really want to know what happened and what his reasons were but I can tell you now that whatever he has to say will probably still not be enough for you. I'm talking out of experience here. You should look at it for what it is.. he lost interest or the relationship was just no longer working. Sometimes there isn't even a clean cut reason for it and I suspect that is the case here. His behavior towards you with the all the abuse tells me he is also still very much immature, confused and in a bad place in his life. He needs to grow up first and get a grip. The closure you need you already have and that is by him deciding to hurt you and leave you. Whatever his reasons are... it really doesn't matter because either way he did that to you and no reason is valid or good enough to excuse it.

  • He was trying to get through to you for a reason. I would slowly try to reach out to him. Unblock him or even call him private and ask what went wrong. You need closure. Until you get closure you won't be able to stop thinking about it. My ex did the same thing to me. And its been give years since... Yet its still eating at me daily. Good luck.


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