He wants to take a break, says we will talk again down the road. Does this mean it's over for good?

I met this guy about a month ago, it went perfectly for a couple weeks. The sex was amazing, conversation was even better. We talked all day and night everyday. I got caught up in him pretty quickly. From what he said he did too. From the "I really like you" and "I'm crazy about you" things that he said. Although I didn't think he was being 100% honest with me, so I tried harder I be present in his life. This I assume made me look crazy. He started distancing himself and then he just stopped talking to me all together. Today however, we started chatting and I asked him what he wanted from me. Because if he didn't want me to chase him anymore then he needed to let me know. At least that much he should tell me so I can go on with my life. Well he stated that he was stressed out, he didn't realize how much time he needed to spend with me, and over all that he wanted a break and we can talk again down the road once he was done relaxing and focusing on himself. I laughed and said "right. We are never talking again." Well now it is late night and I'm replaying the events in my mind. I know I should just go on and if it's meant to be it will be...maybe I'm looking for reassurance? I don't know. Can anyone give me some insight? I don't know how you can say these things and then 2 days later you want a break? Doesn't make sense.
I guess I should add that there were many times that I said to him that we should slow things down. Maybe we shouldn't text too much, or as often as we were. He always replied with "yeah that's not going to happen." I really feel like he fed into my feelings with his words. Whether they were true or not. I know that this moved way too fast, but for some reason I would give anything to have him back in my life, rather than not have him at all.


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  • Sounds to me like he got what he wanted and is ready to move on to his next target.


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  • sounds like you scared him off.
    At the beginning you should always take it slow, also making sure this guy is really someone you want to be with.
    Making so much effort to be in his life, he must have thought that you will need constant reassurance or all of his time, all the time.

    Let me tell you a little secret, and this is where many women go wrong:
    when a guy distances himself from them, they try even harder to show them how much they love him and stuff. This is actually the worst thing you can do.
    It comes off as clingy and nuts. Like, why if I am being an ass is she giving me even more attention? Something has to be wrong with this person...

    If a guy was ever wishiwashi with me, I'd tell him straight away to get his shit together and not waste my time. This has worked very well for me. Because, I really do hate wasting my time with "maybes" and "sure, but..." So for me it is either yes or no. anything in between is not going to cut it. The guy that understood this and shared my point of view is now my fiance.

    maybe he'll come around, maybe he won't. a month isn't really enough time to get attached to someone to much.
    In the meantime do your thing and forget about him. Don't wait for him. There are many many good fish in the sea.


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  • In all honesty yes, it is better to assume the worst and this case it is assuming it is over for good. Create space between you two, distance yourself and move on for now. Whether he comes back or not, it shouldn't matter. You should be focused on healing and moving forward. Stop beating yourself up about what happened. It takes two people to start something and two people to keep it working. You can't do more than what you did.

  • It seems like you guys rushed into things way too quick. Also, your increase of being "present in his life" probably turned him off. Especially if you guys were talking everyday and seeing each other frequently.

    I do think it's over and he's not coming back.

  • I"m in the same situation as you right now. But we've been seeing each other for more than a month now. At one point i got too attached and there was my mistake. He was already busy and I was trying to pull his attention on me.. we ended up having fights and now he stepped back. I was so unhappy with this break at first and we talked about it.. but once I've calmed down I realized that I was the one who needs a break.. and when I thought about my behavior I realized how awful I was and I'm sorry now. So just take some time for yourself, calm down, think about the situation, give him a bit of space and then talk again. This is what I'm going to do and I hope for the best. One month is really not enough time for two people.

  • He's sleeping with different people


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