My ex girlfriend has something I need, but won't reply when I ask for it back - what can I do?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me last year in May after cheating on me (I know right, that's another story...) and kept a lot of the stuff I had lent to her. Now I don't mind about the majority of the things, I can live without them and it's not worth my time kicking up a fuss. However there's one appliance that I desperately need for work due to start in a few months time (I work in television), and I really do need it back from her. Problem is, she works somewhat in the same field as I, and we used to get into arguments as she always felt that her career was in the shadow of mine. So I know she doesn't want to give it back (!) - plus she has the nerve to show it off to her friends on Twitter recently as if it's hers.

She has since got a new phone with a new number, and moved address such that I can't call or post a letter to her. I only have her Facebook and email details, and the name of the company she works for.

Despite four messages to her, written in the kindest possible manner, asking for my appliance back, she won't reply. It's worth £300 - not enough to bother going through a small claims court - so I'm not sure what to do. Any advice would be appreciated! :)


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  • This would suck, but do you know her parents? You could call them and see if they could persuade her to giving it up. Or do you two have mutual friends? Go through them.

    Otherwise, I suppose you'd have to buy another one.

    • I think this is the only solution. Ugh so cringeworthy! But I've let her get away with murder over the years (not literally!) so I'm not going to let this one slide. Thanks for the tip!

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  • Go to her house and retrieve what's yours. If she won't give it up, you can always get the police involved. They'll escort you to her home, you'll grab it & leave.

  • Seems like their is nothing you can do


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