Should I regret not forgiving him :'( ?

have you ever been toooo hurt that you couldn't forgive the other person even if they tried hard to persuade you ? , did you regret not being able to ? . should i punish myself for not being able to ?


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  • I can relate, my first wife cheated and i still can't forgive her even 14yrs later, but i am way past beating myself up over it. i used to until i realised that it was consuming so much time and effecting my work and current relationship, you need to deal with it one way or another or you'll never move on. Hope this helps

    • you mean i should deal with not being guilty for not forgiving him, right? , and did she try to apologize and ask you to forgive her , you couldn't right? , but it was hard to walk away , right?

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    • thank you sir for consideration and replying me , you know i love him , so you think even if he loved me and tried to get me back , i shouldn't feel guilty for being not able to forgive him? ,

    • As i said, don't beat yourself up over it, Who cheated? and who should feel guilty.. not you. Take a guide from criminals and the rate of reoffenders.. think he'll do it again and i suspect he will considering he's always still talking about her, move on, find someone who values you..

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  • As it pertains to relationships, one can wonder, ponder and even imagine what the difference might have been if you forgave your partner.

    Yet, how you view the situation and yourself should give you an answer as to whether or not you will have regrets. Unfortunately, I think that your post was a bit vague and with that I can't be entirely clear on what it is that took place to which you could have potential regrets about.

    • well , he has hurt me and left me before , then he really wanted me back he said he loves me could never forget me and really wants me back , i was too scared and really afraid , i was hesitant but then i decided to try and give him a chance , when i started he did something that really hurt me which is meeting his ex , it broke my heart and i felt so sad , he said we were not still together , and he went crazy saying sorry and saying " please i am sorry answer my calls , i will suffer without u, i am sorry i swear i love you " , but then i discovered that i met twice not just once , he continued apologizing, we met and he saw how i was angry and sad , he couldn't walk properly when he saw that i am that refusing , he still tried , but i was really really hurt that i couldn't get over it. i felt that it was the only chance to try and feel safe with him again, but he ruined it :'( . i swear i did my best trying to feel safe with him but i couldn't i sat there asking questions why ,

    • why did you see her , what did you feel , what and what , and of course because he met his ex and i kept asking his face would look a little sad when he talks about her which burnt my heart. he still tried to make it up for me saying he loves me and that he wants to marry me , but oh mychelle it was really hurtful :'( , i know he tried a lot but i was so so hurt. After he tried a lot he said that i was just tricking him and happy that he is running after me , but i swear i wasn't so he went and talked to her again , BEING STUBBORN because i couldnt , when he knew i found out he was again so sad , and tried to call me, i said please leave me stop hurting me , he said i dont want to hurt you and that he is really sad, and guilty and he loves me, he again tried to call me afterwards with 14 days, i still couldn't be nice :'( , now do you feel me? , it was too hard , i love him so much , it is hard not to be with him , i know he tried but i couldn't :'( . Should i punish myself for no

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  • If the other person apologizes then they've done their part and the rest is up to you. If you chose not to forgive them then stand by your choice although it can always be changed.

    • you mean if i took some time to calm down and sort my feelings, i can call him and tell him that i forgave him?

    • If you want him to know that you've forgiven him then absolutely call him and tell him.

  • No, being a person who forgive means that you are a good and pure hearted person which something you should not regret but unfortunately the good people are the most ones who get hurt


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