Shall I end it with my partner?

where do i start i have 2 other kids from a previous relationship we have split over 7 years now of which there 2 kids involved both 7 today and 8 I've had contact with both them all there life never ever missed a time date to have them and for the last 3 years its been every weekend.

2 years ago i met someone else and there was a unplanned pregnancy (she was on the pill). we talked about it and i said wasn't a good idea as we both live apart and my work as my plans for the future didn't include having another baby (My business promotion events DJ) to which i took a mini break to bring up my 2 eldest and also she got 3 kids from previous relationship is where i live and she does not live near me but i didn't really have a choice and had to accept it. My baby girl she going to be one in 2 weeks time.

There always been trouble with my first ex of 7 years one thing or another mainly shouting her mouth of and saying bad things to the kids about my new partner but the last 8 months it got worst to which now i haven't seen my kids for 3 months now Im in the middle of going mediation and also court if needs must.

Now my present partner seems to having a go at me as Im always down and i haven't been myself for one my work need to be at my home as my studio equipment is where i live. This problem with my older kids and feel like she secretly plan all this and the reason she moaning is because her plan has not worked me moving in and having me all to herself but on the flip side she gets on with my other kids so in some ways it can't be.

just feel like ending it and to be left alone but then now i will be a single dad again and have to bring up another baby alone which was not the plan feels like my life is one big mess


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  • Hay, all of this happened for reason , be it good or bad. I think you should end it giving everything you have going on, dont worry about "being lone, or single parent". You can make it through that. You need time to let everything die down and you dont need another distraction right now, raving for your attention


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  • Im so sorry to hear all this. it is a terrible feeling to feel so out of control. i think as many do the fear of being alone keeps us in a bad place. you are obviously one of the nice guys and value your children. i was in a very similar situation and became a lone parent but i loved me time with my daughters although they are older now we were one strong family unit and they have never lost that bond. fight for your kids. fight for yourself. you are worth it hun x

  • If you don't love her anymore just end everything. Makes no sense spending your life with someone you don't love... or someone who isn't worth it.


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