Ex texted me first, saying that he'd seen me in my car driving somewhere, then ignored me?

He texted me saying, "saw you driving in your car!".. I simply replied back "yep that was me!", then he texted me again asking me where I was headed (?) and I told him just to the store and asked him how he was doing... he didn't reply. Why?


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  • Who knows could've been anything


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  • I don't think he wanted a conversation. He was just trying to see what you were up to. You told him and that was enough.

    • But why would he care where I was headed?

    • There are many reasons for that. Since I don't know him and your relationship, I would be shooting in the dark.

      You could ask him yourself and see if he replies. I bet it's "No reason. Just saw you and wondered where you were going. Then wanted to ask."

      That might lead you to more questions... leading to more speculation.

      The simplest route seems best here: It's nothing to get worked up about.

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  • I agree with @rationallioness it's sounds pretty casual


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