Guys, need some serious advice on this bizarre relationship with my ex?

Currently my ex bf is walking my dogs. (his idea). This has been going on since late September when he said he was buying a condo. I honestly have not even seen him in the flesh since October. He texts me randomly about his life or how " busy" he is with working, buying a house & interning/going to school. Sometimes he won't show up to walk them & then texts me saying how sorry he is that he's just been SO busy...

We dated for 81/2 years. He left me over a year 1/2 ago. I was devastated. We did not speak for about a year.
Then he tried getting in touch with me. Eventually telling me he missed me.
Over the summer we were intimate a few times & I thought we were reconciling... Then one day we kissed & he says he's " so stressed out between school/ work blah blah & .. One thing at a time" that was months ago..

well I'm honestly at a loss for words & still in a lot of pain over him. I'm trying to better myself & focus on me. Really, I'm just confused as to what I am in his life if I am anything anymore.. He knows exactly how I feel about him. I'm afraid to say anything.. I'm still just in so much confusing pain over all of this. Not sure what to do any longer.


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  • Though this may be incorrect, it sounds to me as though he is leading you on.

    It seems as though he enjoys the attention you give him. he enjoys the feeling of you wanting him and him just standing there doing nothing. A lot of guys like that- sort of gives them a power trip

    I would break up with him, it sounds like a toxic relationship. It doesn't sound as though it is going anywhere and it sounds like he is either too flaky or doesn't care enough to retain it.

    If I had to guess you are a girl he keeps in reserve if he needs someone to go to and have physical contact with. But the rest of the time, he doesn't care about you. Basically he keeps you at bay for when and if he needs you.

    You shouldn't be someone's backup girlfriend. You deserve better than that. I advise ending this relationship and staying broken up. I can't see any good coming out of it.

    • He IS my ex. We are NOT together. That's in the title.

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    • Right, that's the question I (attempted) to answer

    • Sorry I couldn't help you. I did the best I could, but I guess I'm not understanding the situation well

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  • "We were together for 81/2 years."<----- longest relationship ever...:-P

    hahha jk

  • He's wasting your time


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