Why would an ex want to stay around after breaking up?

Why would an ex want to stay around after breaking up with me after 8 years? We did sleep together a few months ago.. since then he told he's so busy & stressed out & buying a condo. plus school & interning. Yet he comes by my house & walks my dogs few days a week.. I don't get it.


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  • 1. He's attached to the dogs.

    2. You're the booty call.

    3. There is something else to gain.

    There is a low chance he wants to be your friend. Very low. Most guys that want this are NOT the average guy. These are the really sappy types that act and thing like chicks. So if that doesn't describe your ex then it's one of the other reasons.

    • Well we haven't slept together in months. I literally haven't even seen him since October. Last time I saw him he basically stated he's too busy, one thing at a time"...

      Guess he loves the dogs..

Most Helpful Girl

  • Because he's using you and you're paying him. That's why.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he still wants to hit.. but has another main girl

    • Great.

    • So if you were me what would you do? I still care deeply for him but u don't want to be used any longer.

    • tell him it how u feel.. if it bothers

What Girls Said 1

  • Cause you are his friends with benefits

    • Except we haven't slept together in months

    • Ok. Because he's working on being friends with benefits ;)

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