Is it okay to meet with ex?

So he broke up via text. And texting is prone to a lot of misunderstandings. Seriously, it makes it hard to understand both sides, right? Anyway, I want to ask him to meet up and talk about this. Not necessarily to change his decision but more of understanding each other more. More of now that I'm not all emotional like how I was when he tried to explain his side that day via text haha.

Do you think its okay to ask this from him? Its been a month of no contact since I want the both of us to have a time for ourselves first.
Honestly, I still have questions I'd like to clarify because he's been giving confusing answers before.


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  • How long were you together? What reasons did he give for breaking up with you?

    • For 3 years. And he was the first one to approach me before and said he liked me as more than a friend. I knew he was going to leave to study abroad for his scholarship and I was okay with it. He asked if we could meet once he comes here for good and I said yes.

      Fast forward to 3 years after that, I recently asked him what he saw of me. I kind of want to make things official and said so we won't waste each other's time. That's when he decided to end things. I guess I rushed him too much as he wasn't ready yet.

      Well, he told me at first he was worried that he suddenly loses contact with me because he's busy and once he graduates soon, he's worried he wouldn't be able to balance having a girlfriend and his work. He said that I'm not the only one that he loses interest to talk to. It's just that he doesn't feel like talking in general

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    • Disappoint me because... he's not sure yet of what he feels for me? Is that it?

      Do you think it's okay if I suggest we stay as friends? Like still keep in contact with each other

    • No. Disappoint in the future when you are both 4 years older. Don't you think it would be harder to wait 4 years and then come back together only for it to fizzle out in a couple of months? What a waste of 4 years of waiting.

      Yes, suggest to keep your friendship. Why not?

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  • A month is pretty long tho.

    • What do you mean? Haha

      Well, he's studying in a different country for now so it's not like I can ask him to meet up anytime. I just happen to be going on a vacation where he studies and was wondering if we can meet to talk about this in person

    • I see. Ofcourse it is okay to talk to him about this and to clarify everything.

      I found him some what a coward to break up via texting.

    • True, I really want it to be in person if someone wants to break up with me. We were each other's firsts though so I guess we don't know how to do this haha

      Thanks for your opinion :)

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  • I see no problem clearing up misunderstandings so go for it. A month has been a long time to work things out, you should of dealt with such things earlier on though

    • I know, it's kind of late. But I felt like I was too emotional before. Also, we can't meet each other in person anytime we want because he's studying in a different country for now. I just happen to be visiting where he studies soon and was wondering if we could talk.

      Do you think it's weird?

    • You can always give it a go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Usually I think it's not cool to contact exes, but since this is for closure I think you should ask.

  • Dot mett with him until things cool down abit for safety reasons :)

    • What safety reasons? :)

  • I wouldn't bother. Let it go. No contact is best. Move on.

    • But I feel like I need closure? I already kind of moved on but I can't fully do that when there's still a lot of questions unanswered.

    • Okay maybe not exactly moved on yet but more like I already accepted things. I need more time to move on and forget about him completely.

    • Closure isn't always possible. If you need to try than go for it. It might open old wounds or make more issues.

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