Why am I not good enough?

Why do I always end up heartbroken? I do my best in every relationship but somehow my partners always find someone who is not as good looking, not as smart, not as caring etc. as me. It almost seems like I just always get attached way too much to someone who is waiting on or wishing he was with another girl. And then I end up all alone. Once again.


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  • First of all you are beautiful... And good looking... I think its not you... It Is the guys you are choosing... maybe your choice is a little bad... or something...

    You should take a break from relationships... And stay single a while... Maybe that will help


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  • Look inward for the answer. The fact that you label others as "not as good looking," etc., tends to indicate that you are very shallow. My opinion is that you probably come off as very self-entitled. That's not an attractive characteristic.

  • I've got a story from a real life to u but first I would say u should leave this all behind & u should know that no matter what happens u will meet the one ur other half who appreciate u & treat u the way it suppose to like a princes... actually I was like that until I met my wife she's were my soul my angel actually everything that I just ever needed in this life but unfortunately after 6 month from our marriage she passed away & it's been 4 months from now my heart is broken I miss her everyday every moment but I'm still in love with her & i thank god for sending the right person to me... im sorry about the long story but I guess u should wait for the right person cuz this is how it works it seems like u r a wonderful nice girl & hope u find the right one for u soon.


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