How do you (girls) cope when your ex moves on?

Me and my ex have been broken up for nearly 2 months, the breakup ended in the weirdest fashion by him days before telling me how much he loved me, to him going stone cold silent with no real reason to the breakup. After a month of no speaking, he sent me abuse because he saw me on the same dating website as him!

Now I have a suspicion he's moved on, I've noticed him disappearing off the same dating websites I'm on. Whilst I realise him getting into a new relationship is none of my business, what the hell do I do? How do you girls cope when your ex moves on so quick? I'm still in love with him and still would do anything to have him back that this hurts...



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  • I just broke up a few weeks ago. We werent even together. We were really close friends. She knew i am in love with her. And sometimes she would hurt me accidently. So we both agreed to go our separate ways for our own good. It ended well. How did you break up? Just no reason? Then i think you should move on. Apparently he is a major dick head. Just because you break up doesn't mean you stop caring. I still lover her. A few days ago, she asked how am I holding up. So i dont think you should care about him. You guys broke up for no reason. He abused you for "using the same dating website" Its none of your business. just think of his new girl as the unfortunate bitch dating a dick. :D

    • Originally he tried breaking up with me via text, but then we spent a day together and announced that we were back together... But days after that he went silent, no explanation or reason! None of his friends even know why he did it. We have briefly spoken since, by it's been quite bitter from him! I can't imagfine any girl would enjoy dating this man as much as I did!

    • He seems bitter right? And didn't gave any reason for breaking up. I think you should just move on. its hard. I know. I've been there. Try not to care what's he doing in his social life.

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  • I'm going through it too. I constantly adjust my mindset. If he didn't want me anymore and is moving on, its a slap in the face that I should move on too. I am better than that and he was lucky to have me. Let him deal with his own problems, a guy who insults you for being on a dating website is immature and not worth your time. He doesn't fit what you really want right? A guy who was worth it would tell you its good you are moving on and that he wants you to be happy. This guy isn't worth it. keep reminding yourself of that. Maybe go on a date or flirt and notice other gorgeous men, do it on purpose. It helps me

    • I'm sorry to hear that! :( at least I'm not alone. I felt the whole insulting me, was his way of saying he doesn't want me but again, doesn't want anyone else to have me! Douchebag move. I'm just preparing for the worst right now.
      Thank you for your comment though, really helped me :)

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  • I broke up a few months ago and my my ex already has someone new while I'm still thinking about him. Over a month of no contact period and suddenly he sent me an email informing that he is dating someone else. And I was like.. "seriously? wtf!"
    But then there's nothing I can do about that. So I just cherish the memory I had with him. I hope the best for him, and if that means being with his current girlfriend, then I'm happy for his sake. That's what you do when you really love someone, you want them to be happy. Even when it hurts. :')

    • The fact that he messaged you to tell you that was to get a rise out of you. That to me, shows he still cares! I could sense my ex would do something similar! If it's only been a few months, it's a rebound - they never last! I hope like me, you find someone far more amazing and worth your time :)

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    • I'm in something similar - 6 months pregnant now with his baby. He broke up with me. 9 years together. I truly love him. And I DONT KNOW WHY but I'm not angry. Sad, Yes. But I want him to be happy.

    • Shit. I'm sorry. I hope you and baby are okay, you sure deserve better.

  • Lots and lots of crying, eating junk food, wailing at my friends, and watching random YouTube videos.

    Better to get it out of your system sooner than later.


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