Girls, is this the truth?

Long story short, I liked a girl and we talked almost everyday for 7 months, but I didn’t make any major moves (due to shyness and fear of messing up). I just found out started dating someone else, and when I asked her why she didn’t tell me about him she confessed her feelings for me.

She flat out said “I did like you, I liked you my junior year [2 years ago] but then we didn’t talk. Then over the summer I was insanely happy I had a reason to message you and you kept the conversation going. I really did like you, but I don’t know, I didn’t think it was going anywhere I guess? And then I thought we got past the whole liking each other thing, but I liked you in my life so I didn’t stop talking to you, I don’t know.”
She said this guy from her old highschool randomly messaged her and apologized for the past because he screwed her over a few times. Then she told me “Next thing I knew he was asking me out again. Should I have said no? Probably, but I’m stupid and make terrible decisions.”

I apologized for taking it slow, explained why I didn’t move faster, and told her I liked her 2 years ago too and that I still do like her.
She said she figured she liked me back in highschool, and then said “And I’m sorry. I really am. I liked you a lot, and then I don’t know. I’m just so sorry.”

So my question is: Is this all the truth? I’m probably reading too much into this, but when she says “I liked you a lot, and then I don’t know” does she really not know how she feels?

Also, when she says she probably should of said no when the guy asked her out, was that also true? Or was she just trying to make me feel better.


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  • It is possible for her to feel conflicted but at the end it seems like she is trying to tell you in a nice way that she longer feels the same about you. She probably doesn't want to be completely blunt in the fear of you becoming really angry/upset with her. It's never nice to hurt someone and she knows this. So she is choosing her words carefully but struggling to do so at the same time.

  • She lost interest. Yes it's the truth. You didn't pursue anything and women want a man who will step up and say that he wants her, if he does. She only liked you and people fall in and out of like all the time.


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