My gf broke up with me cuz I broke my 2 legs at work what should I do?

I broke my 2 legs at work I feel 40ft from a tree my gf broke up with we've been together for 1 year I love her I'm at the hospital rite now and I cry a lot over her I never cried for a girl before I'm feeling really lone any advice on what I so do ?


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  • She broke up with you right after you broke your legs? I know your heart is shattered right now, but you deserve a girl who will stick by your side through the best and worst of times. That's unfortunately not her.

    Did your femurs break? Just tibia/fibia? Hopefully no compound fractures? :( feel better, may the drugs kick in fast and last long


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  • Hate to break it to ya but she wasn't meant for you, true love is when she sticks around through thick and thin.


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  • I think she is probably not worth being with if she broke up with you for that. Focus on getting better and then get back into dating. I'm sure you'll find a better girl then that

    • But how I feel so depressed and lonely I'm still in the hospital I'm all alone

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    • Oh. I'm sorry. Hope you get better. But you don't need her for that to happen.

    • I just feel really alone rite now

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  • 1. Take more pain meds... sorry man
    2. Thank God u didn't have to file a divorce
    3. Find a hot nurse tell her your story and ask her to take u down for coffee or ice cream... Just flirt and make friends if still hospital. If not find a way to pass time until u can start finding people.
    Good luck

  • Instead of worring about a woman you should be thanking God you did not hurt yourself more and be thankful you are alive.

    Grow up, Count your blessings and the fact that she left you now, is very good, because now you know, when she was put to the test she failed.

  • what a waste of egg she is.

    what do you think? think!

    she just failed a test. heall up and move on she's not loyal

  • What a shallow piece of work she sounds like. You don't need her


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