I don't want know what to make of this girl?

I just broke up with this girl I was seeing, but she's my French teacher at this tuition centre, and I still attend her classes, I paid in advance and she's a great teacher so I'm not willing to let a good thing go.

She said I should continue attending her classes but we are no longer a couple.
But she keeps staring at me in class, I try to avoid eye contact, as I just broke up with her and she made it pretty clear on the phone that she wasn't interested anymore.

So why make continous stares at me and then smile at me in the end of the lesson?

It's not like a quick glance, it's one of those continous stares. And this is confusing me, is she still interested in me or not?

Should I confront her?


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  • ... But she is my french teacher at this tuition centre...
    She may still be 'Interested in me,' however, Jamdonut, Now is keeping it strictly Business and not pleasure, even though you find her a treasure.
    Good luck. xx

    • So I should forget about her and move on?

    • Yes, until perhaps after no more class would be a better Class act on both of your parts. xxoo

  • She's being friendly. I mean, what do you expect? Do you think she's going to stand there and be rude to you just because she no longer wants anything more? That's not how it works. She obviously still has tor remain professional and I wouldn't put so much emphasis on the staring. If she wanted you she wouldn't have ended whatever you had. That's the fact of the matter and should not be forgotten. There's no need to confront her.


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