I never received a text back?

I begged and begged my ex to come over so we can talk things through but he kept telling me no which forced me to break up with him via text which I hate to do in the first place so I texted him a long message explaining why I was breaking up with him but I never received one back. I feel like I have no closure. Why did he behave like this?


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  • My guess is that he already decided to break up with you before you sent the text. Since he obviously doesn't want to work things out, he probably feels there is nothing more to say to you/no reason to talk.


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  • You have openly admitted that you Broke up with him 'Via text' so with that being said, you Never-------Received one back in Explaining a long message why.
    You truly believed that you had no choice because he never made the initiation to follow through with open lines of convo 'So we can talk things out.' So he left you no choice and now he is this sore loser and with this being said, if he wants to talk things over now, let him contact you for a face to face meeting and not just Meeting of the minds With-----He kept telling me no.
    Good luck. xx


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