If your truley loved a guy would you leave him?

So parents wouldn't let us be together.. we snuck around for years. We got caught things got really bad And i saw her 6 months later she was hysterically crying when she saw me. We made plans to move out. She was going to be disowned by her mom if she chose me. College funds and ever talking to her mom again would be cut. She s ti ll said she wanted to do it. things got messy with the distance. Jealousy.. passive aggressive behavior. On both ends. She said I acted like I don't care or want her around. I admitted to he r it's really hard for me to show emotion. She ended it calm and collected. Then calls me the next day crying asking for it to work again. I rejected her this time because I thought it was the best thing.

a month later i had to drop stuff off. She seemed pissed off and emotional. I went in there neutral. She ended up telling me I don't care again and told me everything I did wrng in the relatiobship. I told her I just want her. Still want to talk to you here and there. She cut all contact. Said I can't get over you if I a ti ll talk to you. She told me she can't even look at anyone else. she said all her friends told me I'm arrogant I'm an asshole full of myself and I'm using her. anyways she said in the future when I move out maybe we can try it again. Was that to spare my feelings? Should I not consider anything in the future? This girl was madly in love with me at one point I know that for a fact. Never seen anything like it.
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  • Look back and read what you wrote. Would you want to do that all over again, twice, three times maybe? So I'm just gonna share some truth like I always do lol

    There's a reason why things didn't work out the first time. As much as we would love to try and deny it. She probablly does still love you. But that doesent mean that her love looks the same as your love, or that you guys were meant to be together.(or should be for the fact) Also your still at a pretty young age, and most people that come into our life at this point in time are temporary. It sounds like you guys were really co-dependent on each other, and it became really unhealthy. Add jealousy, invasions of privacy, lack of trust and you got a recipe for disaster.

    Is she worth your time, patience, mental health
    Ask yourself that. And think hard because were often so scared to move on because change is uncomfortable

    Remember that your happiness comes first at the end of the day. And you deserve that happiness
    And I hope you would put that into consideration when deciding on how to proceed with this situation. Only you can determine if she still loves you. Remember that just because someone desires you does not mean they value you.

    Wish you the best man (:

    • Yeah I can agree. I do think it didn't work for a reason. But that reason being we could see each other. maybe twice a month and the stress I was going through. I just wish I ended it so I could of been the stronger man and ended it on my terms. Guess it took a blow to my ego.

  • Do u love her? Maybe she is trying to pretend she does not care, because she does too much?

    • I really do would do anything for her. I was on the verge of crying wheb she said I don't believe you. Its hard for me to show emotion or compassion. I don't blame her for not believing me

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    • I did I opened up completely. I wrote her a 10 page letter explaining my actions. Why I love her and told her I am crazy about her. She wrote back and it was genuine she was just saying it's bad timing which is true because her parents won't let us be together. She said it was the hardest thing she's ever done. said this is goodbye hopefully just for now

    • @Asker so maybe... Hm it is time that u guys need? In time u will tell? But for now, focus on yourself? And see what does happen. :) u never know

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