What are your favorite breakup songs?

Mine are:
Crowds, Bauhaus
Wish me well (You can go to hell), The Bouncing Souls
What Do I get?, Buzzcocks
Build A House And Burn It Down, The Horse Flies
The More I Drink, Insatiable
The Teardrop Collector, Love and Rockets
GRIEF, Modern English
The Weeping Song, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Faded Flowers, ShriekBack

And my absolute favorite (The entire album works but this one always gets me)
Breakfast After Ten, Blue October

Ok, I know, I'm old and my taste in music is odd, so let's hear yours,
Ready GO!


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  • "Faded Flowers, ShriekBack"<---- OMFG!!! i could NEVER ever believe that i'd find anybody else that knows this song and Shriekback as well,,, glad to see another guy here...

    Although i liked "Nemesis" "Malaria" and "Fish Below The Ice" from the same album basically...

    • Love them all! what a GREAT band. Nice to see someone else is into them.

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    • No problem, anyone who like Shriekback deserves ir.

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