Ending the crush-mourning?

So, I liked this girl for a while. Totally awesome girl, I'd rather not go into the details right now. Basically, one day I just sat back and thought, and realized how much of a...user she was. Few days later we go to a party, I think we're flirting and apparantely she didn't. I just cut her from my life at that point. Two weeks after, I'd been completely happy. She hadn't popped into my head once, and I was loving it. But recently, I've been thinking about (and unfortunately missing) her. Does anyone have anything they do to end the period of missing a crush, or at least a way to stop thinking of them? This is probably really shallow of a question, but I just need to stop feeling numb and be happy being myself again.
Also in case it matters: There is absolutely zero chance of me dating her at this point. I would put money on it.


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  • maybe try to focus on other stuff?


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