Why did he just leave me without saying a word?

Well I guess he's my ex now!

We have been going out for 3 weeks and this weekend we decided to have sex for the first time.
I messaged him on snapchat on Thursday just saying "how has your day been? :)". Left it for an hour and saw that he read it so I sent him another one saying "I guess you don't want to talk, I'll leave you be for now".

Woke up Friday morning to find that he had blocked and deleted me on snapchat and Facebook. He didn't even leave a message explaining why he had and this left me more angry then heartbroken. I'm not in love with the guy but I have been nothing but patient, honest and open with him only for him to disappear off the edge of the earth without giving me a reason for leaving? Not even a break up text! All I did was ask how his day was...

I've never had a boyfriend who just left without a word. He was completely fine when we talked Wednesday night. I just need the closure to be honest :/
And when I said "we decided to have sex for the first time this weekend" I meant have sex THIS weekend, today, now.
Not LAST weekend and also when I said "first time" I meant having sex with each other for the first time, it's not my first time altogether. Wish people would stop asking "did you lose your virginity to him?"... Yea because I'm a 20 year old virgin who answers sex questions all time about what I love in bed just for the hell of it.

Either way, I just think he's an asshole now


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  • Thats very weird how he left before sleeping with you, if he slept with you and then left then it would be pretty obvious what his intentions where all along

    In this case, maybe some other girl caught his interest and he chose to go for her before going to far with you.

    Personally if i have gone on multiple dates with a girl, then i focus on her and chose to not date other people. Sure i may talk with other girls but i try to keep it casual.

    • Then he should have been a man and broke up with me before getting with someone else and not just cut me off without saying a word.

    • yeah but people do this all the time, men and women alike. I've stopped expecting common courtesy when i date. Women often disappear without explaining why, even sometimes after i have slept with them (and that used to be mainly a problem women had with men). At most you will get stuff like "im not ready", or "im sorry i can't keep seeing you", and while its good to know its time to move on sooner, it doesn't really give any closure anyway. They rarely if ever tell the truth why they leave. But usually it is because something "better" came along.

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