Why would my ex do this?

So, today my ex posted that he's in a relationship today on Facebook (yes, I'm still friends with him even though I unfollowed him). I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't seen them together in his snapchat updates. I removed him after seeing the images, because honestly it hurt me to see him with someone else, and I didn't want to keep doing that to myself.

We only broke up about a month and a half ago and were together for two months, yet we were friends on FB during that time and never made it "FB official" or whatever. So why would he go and put their relationship on FB and not ours? That makes me think that he wants me to see, so he can show me that he's over me even though after we broke up HE kept texting me, and I responded politely, yet didn't give in to his attempts at getting me back into his life. He only stopped texting me like a couple weeks ago, which makes me think that they got together in that short time.

I do still care about him to some extent, but the way the relationship ended makes me not want to be with him again, since I feel like he didn't really care about our relationship. So, good for him that he's in another relationship I guess, but it's kinda messed up that it ended because he was too busy essentially, and I didn't want to be with someone who couldn't at least prioritize me in their life, so I suggested a break up if things didn't change. We just kinda drifted apart after that without any closure really, as he never responded to the that text until a week later.

So I had accepted that he was too busy or whatever, and have pretty much moved on since. And when he tried to come back into my life, I told him I was too busy, which I am now due to working two jobs and going to school simultaneously. Then he goes and gets into another relationship... what happened to being "too busy"? It just hurts knowing that someone you cared about wouldn't be straight up with you from the start, and throw you away like yesterday's news.
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  • I don't know it almost seems like he is trying to make you jealous while at the same time not caring about you or what you had. I feel this way because he never made your relationship Facebook official but now he does. He broke up with you cuz he was too busy is hogwash lol. You make time if your too busy. Could be something else he didn't tell you when you broke up

    • Well, I was actually the one who brought up the idea of breaking up in the first place. I said that I didn't think things were going so well because it felt like he wasn't making time for me, etc. And I don't put up with that behavior in my relationships. If I'm putting a lot of effort in, I expect the same. So I let him know how I felt basically, and he agreed that we might need a "break". But after that everything just kind of fell apart and withered away due to lack of further communication on the matter.

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    • As much as I hate to admit it yeah, I am hurt by it. I thought that by me letting him know how I felt, he would shape up, try harder, etc., or basically do anything to show that he wanted to remain in the relationship really. Instead, he did nothing at all, and a lack of words and action on his part pretty much let me know what his true feelings were. I wonder how his new relationship will work out. Poor girl, I hope she doesn't go through the same thing with him.

    • Once this blows over and you don't feel hurt you will be happy you did what you did. He wasn't ready fro a relationship. Maybe this girl gives him what he wants and what he wants is just sex and nothing else. In the big picture Facebook Relationship statuses mean nothing. For my recollection friends with benefits is not an option lol. Or girl I sleep with lol. You love hard and put everything into a relationship this guy didn't deserve you. You will find someone who loves has hard as you do and puts into as much as you do.

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  • I would say move on girl... There are plenty of guys out there and you just need to either say single or start seeing friends.
    Don't get sucked into his games and I'm sure he'll be just as hurt when a much better guy is making you happy

    • I have moved on overall, I don't give him a second thought usually. It's just that seeing that picture of them together today and that he actually put their relationship on FB for all to see just kind of struck a nerve in me, and really hurt. But yeah, he's not worth my time. It's going to be hard trusting anyone with my emotions again though, since I'll always doubt that they actually care.

    • It's ok I understand but soon those feelings will fade away :) and you should have trust with people such as family and close friends. I'm sure you will meet a guy who will take your breath away and completely forget about a guy who was dumb enough to lose an amazing girl.

      I don't even think about my ex and we broken up 3 months ago. So far I'm happy and moved on. I just hope next time I will be fair with myself and be single until I'm ready to commit to a relationship. Which doesn't mean I don't go out, I have fun with friends and even some dates here and there. But I'm happy focusing on myself and being a college student.

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  • The girl he's dating might care that they post their status. You were together for only 2 months you shouldn't feel all that bad. Just move on like he did. You're only torturing yourself thinking about this

    • You're right. I just feel like if you cared about someone you wouldn't do that to them. But whatever, that' life I guess. People don't care about other people. It's hard not to let something like that jade you though. I don't want to be that person though, so I'll try not to think about it and move on completely.

    • There are definitely people that will care. You were right to separate since he couldn't have the time to devote to you. Break ups can suck ass but that's the price to trying to find a decent person to share your love and time with.

  • He's trying to make you jealous and you two did end it just don't follow him on anything anymore deleted him completely off of everywhere.


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