Feeling like there's a lack of closure from ex boyfriend and I don't know what to do. Please help?

I've been having this urge of wanting to text my ex boyfriend so that I can ask some intimate and personal questions regarding our previous relationship together and our honest feelings about our current relationships respectively. We dated back in 2010 when we were in high school. He considered me as his first love since. We dated for a good 3 months and I had to break up with him because I was confused and went back liking my old crush whom I had a huge crush on before meeting my ex.


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  • Call him up plain and simple haha


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  • I had that, first love, dropped with no closure. Hurt like a bitch too. I also wanted to call and ask why, but found it like weakness for some reason. If someone hurt you so bad that your heart ached, why even text or call them.

    • Do you still like to her from time to time or you completely stopped any contact with her?

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    • Im sorry, dude, i wish she would contact you to give you some solid closure. well, we went out again in 2012 but things didn't turned so well with us. He was still broke and damaged from our first break up and I really wanted to work things out because I really wanted to make us move on from the past together. Sadly, it didn't happened and we broke up again. We still talk from time to tjme. He even drops some hints that he still thinks about our relationship and even wants me to go see him when he visits LA this summer. But he and I are In each of our own relationships. I know it's pretty messed up that we're still going through this despite having our own bf/gf. Can't help it that I feel a need to contact him still. He may also feel the same way.

    • If you can be friends with your ex more power to you, and I can understand y'all still talking. Y'all still got a little bit of feelings for each other.

  • Just keep it simple and talk to him but in reality that will not be enough. Moving on and loving life will bring you the peace and closure you need.


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