What should I do about my ex?

He broke it off and I was devastated. We dated for a very long time. ..after the breakup, We didn't speak for almost a year. He tried very hard to get in touch with me & eventually we started talking again. I thought he wanted to reconcile.. Now I don't know anymore. Yet he texts me a lot.

We were intimate a few times over the summer but haven't been for a while. He is in school full time & interning as well. He also recently started buying a house. & has been dealing with that for some time. He has been walking my dogs a few days a week. I've tried stopping this but he continues to want to do it.

Last time we were together he basically said he was very stressed out & busy. It's been months since I've actually seen him, yet he's at my apartment few days a week walking my dogs.

Why does he hang around or text me knowing full well I still have feelings for him? I have been in constant anxious pain for so long now I don't know how to function.


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  • Keeping you as his consolation prize in case he can't find anyone better. Get rid of him.


What Girls Said 1

  • To use you when he needs you


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