How to get closure from your first?

So the first girl I loved ended on bad terms, really bad ones. She's blocked me on everything and I am so hurt. But I once loved this woman more then anything, I once would have done anything for her, she was my first for almost everything, even sex. How to I get closure? I didn't even get to say goodbye. And I can't call or email or anything.


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  • I was 13 when I had my First Real love here, dear, and it was the most beautiful relationship anyone could ever imagine. We stayed together 3 long years. But with my jealousy and him still being wet behind the ears, I wrote him a "Dear John" letter and thought it might be like in the movies, where he would beg me to come back... I had no closure...
    No one I ever dated after Dan was ever good enough. I was constantly comparing Him to Them and even when I would get into a Real Relationship, it was a rebound raw deal and no happiness ever came from it.
    It wasn't until I was 21 that God finally answered my prayers. Dan and I got together one evening before he was to be married soon. We made love and relived a few memories, but I then realized that it wasn't the same anymore and that my heart and yes, my mind, could finally move on and with This-----I got closure at last.
    You may not have the 'Closure' you want right now and that your life with the skeleton in the closet is still rattling you inside. However, don't give up, just lick your wounds and try to move on the best you can, and one day, I believe, this will be put to bed and you will be able to close this chapter in your life... once and for all.
    Good luck. xx


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  • isf she hurt you then and she's not willing to be friends with you... better forget her dude basically...:-/


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