How do I get over him?

So my boyfriend and I broke up last night. It was because of distance and a few other things. Nothing bad or anything. But I still love him and feel like I will have troubles getting over him. We had a really special bond, but because of distance it made it hard to see one another. And I want to be able to move on, because I know we won't be getting back together. I know this is going to be tough, because we have been through so much together. I haven't found anyone like him. But I know I need to get over him so I can wait for someone. How do I get over him?


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  • I say this a lot, but, remind yourself of the reality and the present. He didn't value you or the realtionship enough to continue the relationship. There are so many excuses you can tell yourself but all they are is - excuses. He COULD have tried his very hardest to accommodate your relationship and if it was the most important thing to him, he would do anything to be with you, but he CHOSE not to. he may very well love you and care for you very much, but he has chosen not to stay in the realtionship with you. Yes, distance or what-have-you may be a challenge, but people can change jobs or move cities or whatever, to be with people, he didn't do that. So you focus on acknowledging that the realtionship was good, but it wasn't the "right" one for you, because the right one for you will be with someone who always chooses to stay with you. You focus on the present and remind yourself that one day, when you feel more open to it, you will be able to find the person who IS right for you.

    • That answered to my issues. Thanks! but one thing... these feelings for him from the past how do I get rid of them? Sometimes I attempt to message him on facebook.

    • You don't "get rid" of them, you just don't act on them because you know that the outcome is not a desirable one, and the more you remind yourself of that, then you will realize that you don't actually want him or desire him, so the feelings will go away.

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  • I know how you feel.. 😥. time heals all

  • If he really wanted to be with you he wouldn't break up with you.

    Sad but very very true!

    Move on


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