Why did my ex threaten to call the cops on me, when a few days ago he asked to be friends?

I'll make this as brief as possible, but my ex bf and I have been together for 3 years. Our relationship was great at first and then his true colors started to show. He gets angry very easily about everything to the point of destroying property. He also has a tendency to blame everything on other people. For example since we've been together he goes from job to job and always blames the company or someone else for quitting.

My ex and I share our son and after I went no contact for about a month (only time talking or seeing was when we exchange out little) boy he asked if we could be friends. So, I told him I'd think about it and he then asked me for a hug. I gave him one. Not too long after this my brother passed away and I didn't have reliable transportation to drive 4 hours away in my car. So I called my ex and the phone went to vm. Since I was on a time table I drove by his house. All I needed him to do was take me to the bus station. So i knocked on the door and all of a sudden I heard him tell someone not to answer the door, then the next thing he did was say that's it Im calling the cops.

I feel that he was extremely hostile and unecessary. I cannot comprehend how he could ask me to be friends one minute and the next threaten to call the cops on me. It's not like I have been stalking or blowing up his phone post break up. Why do you think he did what he did?
The thing is that he can never be inbetween when it comes to an emotion. He either hates your or loves and there is NO room for anything in between. I find this to be very strange. We used to live together and the neighbors would complain because lets say he died on a video game, he would scream and holler to the top of his lung and punch the wall. Although the manager would talk to him, he would still do this.


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  • ... I feel that he was extremely hostile and unnecessary...
    With what I am reading, it doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that your "EX" is not glued tight, has mental issues and is like this time bomb who goes off when you least expect it.
    There is no use in trying even to be friends till the end, I am not seeing this in this Big picture. The writing on the wall and all points to disaster and a train wreck just waiting to... Continue down a beaten bad path.
    Make arrangements strictly that would only pertains to the little guy you share and get on with your own life and, even Consider 'Calling the cops' if you would need their help down the road.
    He is One way 'One minute,' and another Way another and definitely not a blast, just one from the past you should try and avoid.
    Good luck. xx

    • yeah you are right on the money. I have tried to get him to see a therapist but he really doesn't think he has a problem. I care about him and want to help him, but he doesn't want to help himself. :(

    • Yes, and I bet, as you seem a smart cookie, that if he doesn't want to help himself, then move on and forget him... xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, and begin your own beguine of unloading what isn't worth your weight in gold. xxoo

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  • Just limit the amount of time you spend with him. But, you have a son together. So, unfortunately, you will have to see your ex a little.

  • That's pretty funny I'm not gonna lie


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  • Does he have some sort of mental illness? That's the only thing I can think of that would be a reason for this.


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