I miss my boo :*( can you help me get him back. Need Ideas, and love stories with happy endings?

Without going into details about why he and I are no longer speaking. ...what are some of the things a girl can do to her boo back, what are some special things men like a woman to do to prove she's sorry? , or missing you? What can a woman say that'll make you reconsider her?


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  • I suggest sending him text , call him up, send him a card
    telling him you love him and miss him, the best thing is to
    communicate with him , if you fail to communicate with him
    than he may not know how much you miss him..


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  • Kind of need to know what happened to get him back, as you need to address it and make it alright.

    • Yeah, but the story is so freaking longggggg... ugh, I messed up, by going into one of my fits and I dismissed him. Said awful things and haven't spoke to him in about 3 weeks. :*( now I'm missing him

    • Well tell me, I will read it ALL and help you.

What Girls Said 2

  • Well if we don't know the situation we can't give good advice.

    At any rate I would suggest you start by not calling him boo. Like seriously what is he 2 years old? Don't call a grown ass man boo.

    • Oh boy. .. my thread I can wtf I want u miserable bitch, take your lame as to next one if u don't like what u read!

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    • lol whatever! I'm not the one coming on here asking how to get a guy back.

      The bitch here is the one flipping out because I made a valid point about that nickname. Would you like it if your SO called you dude for your nickname?

    • Oh god u again., look boo!!!, I get it.. OK u win know body likes to be called boo... now, there u happy, can u finally move onnnn.. ? ugh maybe the next thread is interested in urban silliness however I am not. Please have a good night

  • Boo? I'm sorry I'm fluent in English , not gibberish.

    • lol thank you!

    • Smh.. you again.;) it doesn't matter what u think, do the adult thing and keep it moving. Hahaha

    • I'd advise u go to the. Next thread as well.

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