Confused after break up?

Broke up with a lady, and she said I was fabulous, amazing and a couple other things..Now I know she just lost interest and softened the blow. But should I take positives from that moving on, or just assume its total bs to what she really thinks about me. I just know girls can be indirect because they dont want to hurt your feelings


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  • ... Now I know she just lost interest and softened the blow...
    Only you know what went down with her feelings towards you and with her actions that probably spoke louder than words, take this that This means it is time for 'Moving on' and she most likely just didn't 'Want to'... hurt your feelings.
    Good luck. xx

  • Did she break up with you?

    • Yeah, I did something , I know what it was. Nothing too bad, but was the reason

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    • Short term relationship. Was no drama

    • That's good that there was not drama and at least she let you go now before it got serious

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