I just want them to break up and him be happy?

I am secretly in love with one of my close friends (that I also live with).
I know he used to like me & he still occassionally is a bit flirty, but he has a girlfriend at the moment.
They have been together for a long time.
They fight all the time, she is rude to him and stops him from doing what he wants a lot.
Everyone else can see what a bad relationship they have right now but he won't leave.
They broke up for a day a few weeks ago but he got back with her, probably because he had been with her so long that he couldn't do without.
As much as I would love to be with him one day, i just hate seeing him like this, constanly angry or upset, always fighting, but still denying anything is wrong.
I want them to end things, for his sake, not mine.


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  • Write write a letter - yes, the kind with a stamp and an envelope and paper - but write it in anonymously. in the letter, describe how people view that he is in a bad relationship and that you and friends feel he needs to dump her. do not in any way state your personal feelings for him. the objective is to encourage him to leave a bad relationship. if it is obvious that the letter is coming from you, then don't send it. the last thing you need is to be viewed as a person who caused the break up. you just want to get him to break up with her for his sake. once he is broken up with her, you are free to pursue him without being viewed as a cause of the breakup.


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  • You should do what @vjreerjr said


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