Should I make effort to be friends with my ex who makes no effort, I still miss her from time to time but she dumped me so should I let it go?

Quick back story we broke up around 2mnths ago, things were going really well then she started getting distant, taking ages to reply/ignoring calls I never really understood why because we were in such a good place I mean I met her parents we went on holiday so things were going really well but she went distant, she did jus break up with her ex before she met me though so perhaps it was just a rebound relationship and ran out of steam.

Anyway when she said she wanted to end it I never begged her or acted like I even cared tbh at the point I was just fed up of her being distant so wanted a conclusion to the situation so when she was like she wants to break up I jus said that's fine were still cool let's jus be friends, she seemed suprised by my reaction and said well I seem pretty over it already maybe because I didn't beg or anything or Act emotional but you know what if someone doesn't want to be with me they don't deserve to see me all distraught about it, I mean for a while it did hurt but she never knew that probably thought I was fine.

Anyway since we broke up tho we haven't really been speaking as friends tbh I refrain from making effort with her like calling her or messaging her first, I would always make effort before we broke up but I would jus get distance so now I'm leaving it so that if she wants to be friends she can make the effort if she wants to speak to me, because if she doesn't I don't want to be that desperate guy messaging her all the time. Thing is I'm stubborn so I actually miss being around her and talking to her but I'll never tell her that or ask her if she wants to hang out because I feel like she should be the one doing that since she was distant and broke up with me, thing is she has never really made and effort to make conversation with me so should I just leave it and forgot about being friends with her?


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  • No! Staying in touch or bring friends with an ex is a sure way of experiencing emotional pain regularly.


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