Is it normal that I'm happy my ex broke up with his new GF?

This month is our annieversary but we broke up earlier this month. He didn't want to break up and reached out to me but I pretty much told him it's over. About 2 weeks later he was in a realtionship and posting vulgar pictures od them together on Facebook. I was hurt and couldn't believe it! But then I read her posts on her wall and clearly she felt like he was cheating and had trust issues. I'm pretty sure he's cheated on her. Yesterday he posted that he is single and he's going to ignore all her messages. I don't want to get back with him but I am happy that his relationship failed. He deserved that in my opinion because we've been through so much and have history and for him to get with someone else right after our breakup is a slap in my face. Because I know him he's going to try to crawl back into my life.


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  • Normal? Yes.

    Healthy? Probably not.

    The fact that it's been a year (right, about?) and you are still Facebook stalking him and looking at his pictures tells me that you still aren't over him.

    Get out and date some babe, there are other great men out there.



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  • Well if I were you, I wouldn't care about my ex and probably would've cut her out of my life from the day we broke up. Why?
    Because remembering them is like, when one of your limbs gets severed off and you put it in a glass jar and keep it in your showcase because it reminds you the good memories? I mean wtf? lol

    Once it's over, it's over ; Just like that.
    Be confident in your decision and you'll feel more happier.
    Hope this helps
    Good luck ^_^


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