He broke up with me but acts like he still loves me?

Me and my ex were together for 2.5 years. He broke up with me about 2 months ago because he said he didn't feel the same about me anymore. Since then, we have continued to talk and hang out some. He is making no effort to be my boyfriend again. But when we hang out he says he loves me, cuddles, kisses me, etc. I recently got a concussion and he spent 4 days taking care of me (he volunteered). What does this mean?


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  • He's manipulating you to see what he can get but he doesn't want to commit to a relationship again. Be clear about your boundaries and tell him that if he doesn't want a relationship then he should not behave in a way that would indicate that he still wants an intimate realtionship with you. Be assertive and tell him you won put up with it.

  • He still cares about you but the fact is he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore so you need to tell him that he needs to stop treating you as a girlfriend if he does not want to be with you. And if he can't respect that then you need to distance yourself from him because it will only hurt and confuse you and you will not be able to move on. My ex did that to me after breaking up with me, he made me feel as if he still wanted to be with me so I had to tell him to leave me alone because he was only breaking my heart because I still loved him.


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