Went for coffee with my ex after not seeing each other for a few months, and it went great... Now what?

I went for coffee with my ex yesterday after a few months of not seeing eachother (She broke up with me), and it went extremely well. I was nervous going into it, but it turned out fine. I was super cool and chill and I went in with no expectations (although I'd like to get back with her).

Conversation was super upbeat both ways, lots of laughs and jokes, and past inside jokes. We did not bring up anything about our past relationship we had together. I did notice some indicators during the conversation of her saying "We're so much alike", and "our personalities are so similar" a few times, and things like that (I'm not sure how to take that).

After a good hour, I decided to get her to laugh one more time to leave it on a high note just before I was the one to end the meeting by saying I had to be somewhere, but she mentioned that we should meet up again soon, and she told me which days she is free.

When we were walking to our cars, it was cold. We hugged to say goodbye, but I noticed she held the hug really close and a litter longer than a casual hug, almost like she was trying to keep warm against me. It really felt like a genuine hug. I truly felt that the way she hugged me, almost felt like she missed our hugs and cuddles.

Overall it was a great meet up, but I need to know what I should do next, and also would like to know your opinions on my meetup. Is she interested again? So what next? Should I just let it be and let her message me if she wants to meet up? Or should I be forward and text her next week for another meetup?


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't meant hey can't and don't Make up and that it's good-bye, my love forever. And with two "EX" that Mark an X in both of your hearts, sometimes surprisingly, it's a case Of-----Although I'd like to get back with her.
    Yes, here, dear, it appears she most likely would like to get back with you as well, I can tell. However, for now, don't rush into anything. You need to take it slow with her flow and see where it may go.
    Contact her and make a few plans to 'Meet up." Be friendly, don't be over sweet and don't wear your heart on your sleeve right now. I have found that sometimes a person says one thing today and may grow cold duck feet tomorrow and because you would have gone feet first into the unknown waters, you could end up getting burnt again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Ask yourself if you really want to be with her. Keep in mind that she left you. It's likely that she met other people or even hooked up in the time that you two haven't seen each other. It sounds like she is just having regrets because she found out that the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

    If this was happening to me I wouldn't give her the time of day. I'm not the "safe option" that some chick can always come back to when she realizes that she fucked up. But this is your situation and not mine. The choice is yours.


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  • Tricky situation, I wouldn't do anything to extreme right now. Play it cool but not uninterested. Send her something she'll find interesting like If u think of a joke or something reminds you of her, shoot her a text. Or you can text her and ask her how her day was. Either way she'll know she was on your mind and see how she reciprocates lol good luck :)

  • Just ask if she wants to try again. I like straightforward.


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