How to get over being the rebound?

Been with a guy for 8 months and ended it because it was clear I was a rebound.
He talked about his ex continuously, he compared our relationship with his and his ex, it was more physical than emotional, he didn't ask me any questions about my life and it was obvious he didn't know anything at all about me.
The thing is he had kids with his ex so I always thought it was because she was the mother to his children. However, I feel it's much deeper than that.
It was my first serious relationship and weirdly he was the only guy who's treated me well. I'm really struggling getting over it all. Any help/suggestions?
I've tried focusing on myself but it's really tricky as I see him at work every week and we actually have fun as friends. I don't know what to do.


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  • find yourself a rebound. lol

    • Don't really want to do that - plus in all honesty he was the only guy who's actually found me physically attractive - normally get friend zoned

    • oh.. i bet there are other guys who find you attractive just you don't know..

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