Does anyone have any stories of an ex bf falling back in love with them? if not, do you think it's possible and how?


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  • I love my ex... not in a boiling hot way but in a permanent way that'll be there if we stay exes or not.. but I'm really keenly aware that both of us need to do a little more growing up before we could get back together. then it might well work out.

    • do you think being friends and hanging out would get that spark back? he doesn't love me anymore but isn't fully over me as well but he has agreed to have lunch with me next weekend. i'm just hoping that it'll make him realize it as friends that i'm not the person i am anymore and that i'm better and know how to make the relationship better than it was before. basically i'm saying our bond will be stronger.

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    • Opinion owner... Dont you feel bad about deceiving the people you are with if you're still inlove with ur ex?

    • It's more complicated than that. I'm not "in love" with my ex now, I love her as a human being and still find her attractive, but I've been down the subtle move-making dangerous road before and we are not doing that. I could be "in love" with her again and I think she could be with me, but both of us want to live abroad and have some time apart I think.

      My current girlfriend knows our relationship isn't permanent because it's just... not. Eventually one of us will move on. Realizing that was tough, but we're also good for each other (supportive, helpful, friends, companions) in the meantime... so why break up? We opened the relationship up a little bit and SHE'S the one taking advantage of it (I'm too busy having major life freakouts lol).

      I would not go back to my ex and start anything except a committed relationship with her though if it ever did happen... and we're both sort of unspokenly thinking on a time scale of years anyway, each of us has stuff we want to do with our life.

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  • I find it hard to believe to happen legitimately, though a lot depends on why you broke up the first time around, how old you were, etc.
    I was with a guy for like.. 2 years or so in high school. It was really good, spent every day together, hung out with the same crowd, etc.. Drifted towards the end of high school, broke up. About 1 year after that we had lost contact. When I turned legal I started bumping into him at a local bar and we started hanging out again. One thing led to another and it was like we jumped right back into where we left off. Or so I thought.. towards the end I was filled with a lot of suspicion/uncertainty. He ended up cheating on me.
    I think I 'feel back in love' with the idea of who he had been the first time around than who he actually was now.

    Take caution of that if you're in a similar position.

    • i understand it takes work for someone to fall in love with you again and requires a lot of patience‚Ķ i still have hope but at the same time not letting my guard down about this lunch as friends that we are having next weekend. i'm not over him and he's not completely over me and he says there's no chance in us getting back together but he has agreed to a lunch so i think he thought about it after our talk today. and i'm just hoping that working it out as friends will bring that spark back.

    • hmm yeah every situation will be different. Especially with what you're saying though, about hoping the spark will still be there though... sounds a lot like my train of thought back then. It's like a vicious cycle, you want that spark back so bad you make excuses for his shitty behaviour non-stop. You start convincing yourself that everything he's doing is definitely according to plan...
      k sorry about being such a downer lol. Good luck, who knows, it might work for you. If you go ahead with it, have a friend by your side. Your friends will see the red flags way before you let yourself recognize them usually only after the fact. Listen to what your friends say too, it'll be really helpful with their judgement not being clouded by emotions & all.

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  • I think it is entirely dependent upon the reason for breaking up. For example, did one of you have to move away for school or a job, and you parted amiably? That I can see working out. Other scenarios, not so much. I can't think of any exes of mine that I'd be willing to try again with--I can think of a few I don't even want to say hello to, much less give another chance.

    • it was because he thought the relationship was boring, there was no more spark. i was at fault for it because after the break up i realized "wow we did have a lot of flaws in our relationship that can be EASILY fixed." we got too comfortable so we started taking advantage of each other but I'm a new different person now and have a lot of love to give than i did before. basically i'm saying, i'm the girl that he fell in love with in the beginning. i just lost myself during the relationship. we've had a talk yesterday and he said he doesn't love me anymore but he is not completely over me.

      in other news though, he has agreed for lunch next weekend as friend so we will see how that works out and since i have the week off next week from work he said we could probably hang out during my week off. so is my situation still possible? if we stay friends and hang out and he can see the difference and if it makes him happy again?

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    • I think you're situation may have a chance, it doesn't sound like there was anything that would have created hard feelings of any kind, based upon what you said. Still, it is always an uphill battle, so don't hope for too much. You'll need to show, through action, the ways you've changed and then be consistent over time for it to work out--if it's just temporary motivation because of the fear of loss, you won't be able to get him to stick around. The moment he sniffs out it's temporary, things will unwind again.

      Best of luck.

    • Thanks. I've also forgot to say that he says there's no chance in getting back together. But after our talk yesterday and I asked him out to lunch I think he thought about it and said ok. If he says there's no chance but is willing to have lunch with me and is not completely over me does that mean he just wants to start off as friends and see how I've changed and see if we can be together again in the future?

  • Yes its possible because you never fall out of love with them

    • do you think hanging out as friends and showing my ex that i'm a better person than before would have him fall in love with me again? because right now he's not in love with me anymore but at the same time he's not completely over me.

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    • it might be because of how comfortable he is with me. he didn't want to at first because i'm not over him and he's not full completely over me but i wanted him to see that i can be the one he loves again without him knowing it and just hang out as friends. i know what i've done wrong and why i didn't fix it. not like i can show that in a friendship but it's a start. you guys start off as friends before you guys grow into liking each other.

    • That's not always true but good luck

  • never happened 2 me... but i'd accept her if she did basiclaly


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  • Yes. Mine is at this moment. I'm moving on just getting my life together independently and it is turning out to be a huge turn on. I'm not seeing anyone. I don't have time for that which i think is even more appealing. This isn't just a guess either, he vocalize this to me and so have our mutual friends. I have to define my boundaries though or else we will fall back into old ways. Not just that but staying focused on what is logical and my priorities.

  • They never fall back in love, but they will give you a booty call time and time again

  • Hmm honestly it depends how and why they broke up.

    If it's something that one side did that they knew the other side didn't like but did it anyway if they did get back together I doubt it would last long because the side that was at fault didn't learn not to do it and history would just repeat itself.

    If it's a case of the side that decided to break up was emotional at the time and the other party wanted to try again it could be possible.

    It really depends on the situation. Basically if one has a behavioral problem that caused the break up they need to fix it before trying again. If it was something unforgivable done then they shouldn't even try again.

    • @asker
      are you the one who asked how do I get back my boo?

    • no i didn't ask that.

    • Oh ok someone anon in your age group asked that yesterday. She got upset because I commented on her calling a grown man boo and how I felt about it more or less.

  • I have! Me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up because he felt he wasn't in love with me anymore, as heartbroken as i was i accepted it and tried to move on, after 2 months i tried getting myself "out there" again and met this new guy at a bar, my ex found out and called me a few days later and asked if we could meet up to talk about things and when i went to meet him he basically told me he felt like he had made a mistake and that time apart has made him realize that he is still in love with me and we are back together and its been 4 years:)

    • I forgot to add that when we got back together in a argument he confessed that he did actually fall out of love with me so him asking to meet up again and telling me he hadn't was a lie, he just fell back in love with me i guess

    • in this case, my ex seems sure that he isn't in love with me anymore. we just had a talk today and he's said he doesn't love me anymore but he isn't completely over me. he has agreed to have lunch with me next weekend and i'm hoping that having lunch as friends and we keep doing that hopefully he will realize it? realize that he is in love with me?

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