Broke my hearr many times, still love him?

I was dating this guy last year, he broke up with me. Came back to mw this year, i had the balls to say yes we can date again, he did it AGAIN. I don't know what to do? My problem is i still love him. How can i fix this and get over him?


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  • Remind yourself of the reality. His actions do not demonstrate that he values you or respects you. Realize that you have the right to feel respected and you are in control of who you allow to treat you badly. You shouldn't spend your time concerned about someone who doesn't value you or treat you in a way that makes you feel respected. If he is the kind of guy who manipulates people and doesn't care who he hurts, then ask yourself, is that something you admire? Respect? Do you love him, or the man you wish he was? Or do you love an idea of who you believe he is, instead of who he actually is?


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  • When you have had enough you'll know it. Until then use the bastard because he is surely using you.


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