A Guy and A Girl?

both have been together for 1 year and 4 months. certain factors have come to light that make dude wanna end the relationship. e.g. family not comfortable with son marrying lady; she just started college and dude may not be able to wait another 3 years for her; dude may not be able to finance both of them and children at this stage; dude may have developed affections for another.
how does this dude go about ending this relationship without looking like a total a..ho...

okay look lets face it, the real issue is the dude's family okay. they insist that the girl ain't good enough. stating issues like; in marriage you need a companion whose employable, whose morally and educationally sound as well as reliable to make it work. they also state that marriage does not just invole them alone but rather the unism of two families and if the family of one is not in support then its probably better off to let go and avoid all that drama

the lady loves the dude a lot and so it feels bad enough that he knows the likey possible outcome which may invole a break up. back to the initial question

how does this dude go about ending this relationship without looking like a total a..ho...
  • just man up and tell her to fu.. off; that dude ain't interested anymore (doomsday)
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  • cool and subtle; take about few months to slowly withdraw from lady (the wind in the willows)
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  • faulty towers; start finding some sort of fault or the other that will eventually lead to the split (the douche bag method)
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  • tell her the truth (Aladdin and the genie)
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  • Out of all these options, please don't go for B. Knowing someone is withdrawing from you and not understanding why is the worst form of torture... she will spend so much time blaming herself and wasting her energy trying to understand. It makes it harder on her to move on - be fair !


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  • Man up and start living and running your own life; not mommy and daddy.
    If it should turnout to be a mistake then learn from it and move on. If you want the woman take her, if you don't then stop being a pussy and break it off.
    You're 29 fucking years old but you're dam sure not a 29 year old MAN.


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  • Might be easier for him to do something douchey so she can walk away thinking 'thank god I dodged a bullet'... Otherwise she'll think she's everything his family said.

    By the way, you should tell your friend his family is judgmental and rubbish. There's most likely a richer more educated family that would look down at his family as an option. When you start looking at the world like this, be prepared to be outclassed at some point. That woman will be well rid of him.

  • How does the dude feel about her? Does he love her?

    • pretty sure the dude loves her
      at the moment/or from my view point he's more stuck between his family and the love for the lady

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