Girls, how to get my ex jealous?

I can clearly see my ex is trying to.make me jealous how the @$&#! can i make jealous when i have nothing to make her jealous with?.?
But it does bother me... Id like her back but i can see she gets pressure from seeing me missing her... maby i should just brake contact and TRY to move on?


Most Helpful Girl

    Plenty of girls are up for it.
    When you see your ex just ask someone to act like she is your current girlfriend.
    Or when you see your ex just flirt with other girls and have a great time.
    She will be pissed of if she saw you having a great time with other girls and not thinking about her.


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  • Don't stoop to her level. Attempting to make someone jealous is an immature and insecure move. Show her that her efforts to make you jealous are failing because you have moved on.

  • By simply moving on. If she's trying to make you jealous, what would get to her is if you show you don't care.


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