Why would you cheat on your current girlfriend with your ex?

So my ex boyfriend (broken up for a year) who i was with for 3 years, hasn't given up on contacting me whilst he still has a new girlfriend of roughly 5 months. Have seen him a few times and kind of hooked up, always tries things but I'm not comfortable with the thought of cheating and he never used to be either. Im just lost as to why you would do this..


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  • Is he in his twenties? One possibility would be that his current girlfriend doesn't put out OR you're better in bed. You could try and convince him to get back with you. Prepare for the gf's animosity, though.


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  • thats very common with some men , they dont leave their current girl till they get an assurance from the next and its not cheating according to them. In this case he may be trying to get back to you , still holding on to someone could also mean he wants to make you jealous.


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  • i don't have neither current gf nor ex basically... but f that happened that'd mean that i miss the good times i had with ex basically!


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