I'm sooo confused right now. Help?

Hey guys and girls, I just wanted to get y'all opinion about the situation I'm going through. Recently I broke up with my girlfriend not too long ago and i started talking to this other girl that i met last Friday . We were talking and all and she was so cute so I started liking her and she was liking me too. Bad thing about is that she lives in Virginia and I'm from Mississippi and she wanted to date long distance and we did but i don't like dating long distance because it just doesn't right to me but as we were dating, my ex which I'm back with now I guess, I really didn't want to be with her because I was going with a girl I couldn't see. I tried my best to avoid my ex but see wouldn't leave me alone and was telling me that she would cry at night because I didn't want to talk to her and the girl I broke up with long distance is sad herself and I'm just so confused and frustrated right now. What do y'all think?


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  • I think that you should try to work things out with your ex. Girls can be sensitive bearing in mind that you starting talking to another girl not too long after you ended it with her. Do not have a long distant relationship with the other girl, usually they don't work out and if you found her cute I'm sure other boys in her town will and this would make it difficult. She could cheat and lie and you wouldn't be aware of this or whether she is staying faithful. You won't get to see her often which is needed to build a strong relationship. I advice you to try and work it out with your ex she seems sensitive and wants your love and attention x


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  • It depends on who you love or like more... but in the end you have to pick one. so decide on who you want and stick with that decision and put priority on them. cause if you try to split it in the end you will have none

  • it sounds like you should tap out haha too much drama!!


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