Worse heartbreak story?

Everyone learns from their mistakes but why not learn from others too? Even if you never had an official relationship or maybe a friendship ending... please share stories


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  • I suppose this was my worst. It was my first.

    I was a meek little 15 year old. I had been crushing hard on this girl for the past half-year at least. It was my first real crush, the one where you were really excited to see the other person and would get butterflies. One of those. I didn't know how to approach the situation because I never had to deal with it.

    A little background: We went to karate together and talked frequently in person and on MSN. She was really comfortable around me and was occasionally flirty. So this wasn't like I was crushing on a chick who didn't know me.

    Anyways, I asked my older brother's friend who was 17 at the time, and he said I should just tell her I like her and that "she'll think it's cute". I had massive reservations about it, but I went along with it anyways. So after building up the courage one September day on MSN, I told her that I liked her. She wrote this paragraph back that she didn't feel the same and gave me the typical female bs excuses to "soften" the blow. Then she said she had to do "homework" and promptly logged off. I had one of those "single-tear runs down your cheek moments" and then carried on like nothing happened but I was destroyed inside.

    After that she proceeded to ignore me and pretend like I didn't exist. It took me 6 years to get over that and I've never been the same since. I can mark September 2003 as the month my personality shifted.

    What bothers me the most is that if I knew what I know now I could've played that situation so much differently and I would've had a different outcome. So much time unnecessarily wasted pining over something that could've been avoided altogether. *sigh*


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  • I moved across the country for him. I left my job, my friends and my family to get on a one way plane ride to meet him. At first, it seemed like a fairytale, i felt like i found my true love. But he quickly got quiet and awkward. Pretty soon, he was forcing me out on the streets of a small town on the upper west coast. I didn't know anyone, so i called my friend who lived in Portland. At the time, i was going through immense heartbreak and trying to survive at the same time- all i had was a suitcase and $50.00. It just made the breakup sadder.


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  • women are very heartless..


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