A lot of Mixed Signals?

Boyfriend & I broke up about two months ago because I found out he cheated on me from the girl. About two days later my boss texts me to "check on me" come to find out he was actually interested. After, I showed my interest in him as well he started to act weird & when I asked him about it he simply said he doesn't want to hurt me he only wants to see me happy.
As time goes on we continue to work together but his personality changes he lets me do whatever I want at work doesn't give me a hard time about anything & he continues to flirt with me. When I asked him again why he opened that door with me if he wasn't going to act on it he simply said he was in his feelings at the moment & he doesn't like to see me upset. This past weekend I went out with some close friends of mine & got a little too drunk I texted him I wanted to have sex with him he replied just not quite how I thought he would he said he knows I'm going to hate him but he can't. However, two days later he was texting me consistently & when I asked him why he was texting me he'd change the subject or not answer. It's a very frustrating situation & I'm not exactly sure how he feels he says he feels one way but acts completely different.


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  • don't overanalyze everything. action speaks louder than words. that's it. get the hint on what he's showing rather than what he's saying.


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