Break up/left for another girl, but want him back dearly is it possible?

So long story short(not really short), I've been dating this guy let's call him Tom, for 3 years. Started as a highschool relationship and continued on after. Tom has emotional problems he was extremely depressed before I came into his life and helped him through it. He treated me like a queen did anything to make me happy! Took me to the city, out to dinner wrote me love notes, you name it he was on top of things. Within those 3 years love has been confessed. He talked about marriage and the future, even to his family! His family loved me and us together. Just recently within the last two weeks he started actin strange and said he wanted to break up in his words "it's not you its me I'm just depressed and want to be alone". I fought for him but then I agree fed and gave in, hoping he would come back. Next thing I find out he's talking to a new girl, who happens to be my neighbor, he's taking her to the city, pasting pictures with her. Keep in mind he never ever hangout with girls just because he chooses not to.(other than me of course) but he couldn't be with me or hangout with me because he's depressed but he can with someone he just met!? We have had zero contact for about 4 days, and typically after a break up or argument he'd be texting me the day after apologizing. All I want to know is do you think he will come back even though there's a new girl? Or am I waiting for a hopeless cause? Is it possible to get him back and how? Please don't say to move on because that's not an option at the moment.


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  • It seems like he doesn't want you and tried to let you down easy. Don't talk to him until he talks to you because he could get annoyed and also don't interfere or it could make him hate you. All you can do is let him go and find someone new.

    • The problem is I know he loved me. This whole thing probably seems cliche but he treated me beyond amazing! He cried for me and loved me to no extent. And then this happened.. He didn't even break up with me right away he wanted to hangout and try and work things out but I cried and left.. I don't know. I'm just beyond confused.

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